Three aspiring young women (Naomi, Joe, and Elsa) embark on a mission to break into the acting business. Naomi, the most seasoned of the roommates, is the full package.  She's a sexy, confident, and an experienced talent on the verge of breaking through.  Joe has the tools and the passion, but perhaps lacks the focus.  And Elsa is a fresh-off-the-bus beginner who arrives to the scene excited, energetic, and naive. 

Upon arrival, Elsa receives a crash course in the world of acting.  She's fortunate enough to see the process for her roommate unfold right before her eyes.  After years of constant rejection, countless auditions, and honing her craft, Naomi may have finally caught a break.  But, her grasp on the newly acquired role is tenuous - and she might have to give up more than she bargained for to hold onto it.  Elsa follows suit and manages to book a commercial - which frustrates Joe, who has much more experience, but can't catch a break.  

As the pressure mounts, cracks and insecurities are exposed, and everyone unravels.  Joe and her boyfriend (Damian) are enticed by the easy escape of drugs.  Naomi is forced to take matters into her own hands desperately attempting to salvage the role of a lifetime.  And, Elsa's past quickly catches up to her temporary success.  And, even though they all are completely aware of the surrounding evils of their desired career, the short-cuts to achieving instant fame will always be tempting.  Especially when the window of success in such a competitive culture is so small and saturated with people who are no different than you.

Audiences will agree, Butterfly Caught captures the competitive grind of an actor and the thirst for relevance in a city that often recycles through talent and destroys ambitions.  We assure you, even through this film depicts brutal truth, Butterfly Caught is a fun and entertaining ride with interesting characters and a refreshing look at the business and process that captivates us.  Even through its realism, its message and outcome still serves as inspiration to struggling artists everywhere.  

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Our objective is to produce Butterfly Caught as a stylistic film that will not only target the millions of aspiring people of this industry, but also satisfy the average viewer's fascination behind "celebrity".  The truth is, our society is intoxicated by the world of entertainment and the talented stars that come with it.  So why not make a film that exposes this world and feed the audience's obsession?  This story does just that.  Butterfly Caught will provide viewers with that glitz and the glamour they so long for, while still exposing the ugly truth of the obstacles that await on the road to stardom.

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