Roman kovalik


Eric raber

sound supervisor

Melanie seelinger

line producer

Grant liffmann


(...message from Manny Rodriguez, JR)  

​Back in 2004, I was a struggling former film student with no direction, and more importantly, no content.  That's when my wife Lisa and I decided to embark on a 3-year journey to Costa Rica with intentions of placing my full concentration on my passion for filmmaking.  While I took a break from my normal life, I found the inspiration to write five feature length screenplays, the first being - Butterfly Caught.  With this particular story I felt the need to expose the frustrations of the artistic process.  Whether you're an actor, musician, or filmmaker, the path to success can be so uncertain and frequently unfair.  The rough draft of Butterfly Caught captured this frustration in a whopping 140-page epic.  I knew it wasn't ready for production, but I was happy to find a measure of release.

Some seven years later, a talented friend of mine (Walker Clark) contacted me looking to revive Butterfly Caught.  Walker and I, while working together, shared countless inspirational chats about filmmaking and acting, and he recalled enjoying the truth and reality that Butterfly Caught brought to a film.  Walker and I, teamed with the talented actress, (Jess Jacobs), tackled the task of trimming the 140-page giant to an manageable and entertaining 105-pages.

​The new Butterfly Caught is cleaner, tighter, and more poignant.  It carries a simple message - "survival" - by capturing the struggle to be relevant in the world of entertainment.  Los Angeles is full of talented and deserving people that never get their shot. Butterfly Caught exposes this world and its desperation, intensity, passion, and hope - while it's edgy and fast-pace feel will most certainly keep you tied to your seat.  I hope you enjoy.

Jess Jacobs


Lisa rodriguez


Will Wallace


Manny rodriguez, jr

writer, director, producer

Ciaran vejby

Assistant Director

Derek bauer

DIRECtor of photography

-Winston churchill


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"Never give up on something​ that you can't go a day without thinking about."

Most of our core team have established relationships having worked together in some capacity, so we've collaborated to shape the film's strategy, thereby giving the set a family feel.  Find more information on our IMDB website page.

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